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Different garments will need to be washed and ironed at different temperatures. It’s important for the consumer to understand that only you dry cleaner can provide all of the temperature settings required for washing and ironing.
Washing temperatures are always indicated in Celsius, usually within the washing machine symbol on the care label.

There are four maximum washing temperatures that are used, 30o C, 40o C, 50o C and 70o C.
Ironing temperatures in Celsius degrees, or with dots.

The dot symbols indicate:
One dot means 110o C, two dots mean 150o C, dots mean 200o C.


  • Always check for a care label before purchasing.
  • Keep the care label intact so that you or your dry cleaner will know the manufacturers recommended care instructions.
  • If you follow the care instructions and your garment is damaged you should take it back to the retailer. If the retailer is unwilling to help you resolve the problem, contact the garment manufacturer.
  • When a manufacturer is not willing rectify a problem with a garment, you can contact Industry Canada’s Competition Bureau. Your call will provide them with important information and could result in further investigation. Check the blue pages for the regional office nearest you or visit their internet site at

For more information, contact your local Ontario Fabricare Association member dry cleaner. For a list of these dry cleaners near you visit the OFA web site at – search OFA members.