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We entrust our clothes to our local dry cleaner. But what happens when you drop them off? The modern dry cleaning plant accepts soiled clothing and produces clean, fresh clothing via the cleaning process.

The process commonly called “dry” cleaning is actually wet. Perchloroethylene (perc) is a non-aqueous solvent because it contains little water.

Your dry cleaner will sort your garments by type and degree of soling and will determine if pre-treatment is required. The garments are put in the machine and the dry cleaning solvent removes dirt, stains and oils from the clothes.

Once the “cleaning cycle” is completed, the “extract cycle” removes any excess solvent from the clothes. The solvent evaporates while inside the sealed system. When the clothes are removed from the dry cleaning machine you can expect them to be clean and fresh. Garments are then professionally finished and returned to the customer in like-new condition.